How does it work?

We've had to adapt our business model to work with Shopify.  Change is never easy but we think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.  These are the steps that all PTAs, charities, fundraisers will need to take in order to ensure that they benefit from the cashback scheme.  This should be done by whoever is the "organiser".

Firstly, please check whether you have already been set up with a code.  To do this. select the Organisers' tab from the main menu and  then "List of beneficiary codes and links".  If you've already been set up you'll be able to  pass this code and or link out to all your supporters.  [We are working through this and if you've been registered you should have received a password already]  If you are not listed please select the "Register a new beneficiary".  The system will create a link which you can pass out to all your supporters.  

One change from our previous website is that customers will need to create an account in order to ensure that the commission is allocated properly.  This is done from the icon in the top right hand corner of any page.  When they make their first purchase they will need to insert the beneficiary code during the checkout process and then all purchases the customer makes will track to that beneficiary until they change the code (so you could be benefiting for years to come!).

Currently all purchases generate 22% cashback on the cost of goods  for schools, PTAs and charities (including vat but not including shipping).