Tips for Wrapping


Get Ready
How to wrap
Bows &Ribbons
6 Tips

Wrap your gift in tissue before you place it in the box. Tissue enhances the
element of surprise and dresses up the gift.

1).Measure and cut the amount of paper required see Length &Width above
2).Place the gift upside down in the centre of the paper
3).Fold over 1/2 inch down one length to create a nice straight even line
4).Fold the other side into the middle of the gift
5).Bring the edge of the paper that has been folded in to the middle of the gift so that it overlaps
the otherside, keep the paper tight and then secure with tape.
6).Fold the top flap down and crease along the diagonal edge on both sides
7).Fold the two side pieces in towards the middle. Crease along the diagonal edges on the
bottom piece.
8).Fold up the bottom piece and tape in place


How to tie a bow

To measure & cut the correct amount of ribbon,you will need 2 x the length, 4 x the height and 4 x
the width, this will give you enough ribbon to wrap and tie a beautiful bow.
Place the width of wrapped gift upside down in the middle of the ribbon, the seam and tape should
be facing you.
Take the two ends of the ribbon and lift high above the gift, transfer the ends into opposite hands,
cross the ribbon over, taking the ends to the top and bottom of the gift.
Bring the two ends of the ribbon to the center and tie the bow as if it were a shoelace.
Tweak & for that finishing touch create swallow tails or angled edges.
To create swallow tails fold ribbon length ways and cut from the finished edges approx 1'' up to the
centre of the ribbon.


Curling Ribbon

Use on its own or with other ribbon.
To create fabulous curls, hold one end of the ribbon firmly in one hand then run the edge of a dinner
knife or the edge of a pair of scissors along the length of the ribbon whilst keeping the ribbon tight.



T Shirts

Fold T.Shirt /article of clothing into a sausage shape.
Wrap in tissue.
Wrap in decorative paper
Cut a piece of cellophane* three times the width and double the length of the rolled gift.
Place gift in the middle of the cellophane, wrap and secure with tape.
Scrunch up the two ends and tie with curling ribbon.
Puff out cracker ends.

we are not selling cellophane this year

Finally Six Tips for a neatly wrapped gift.


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